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Justin Ducharme Piano Technician Baton Rouge, LA

Justin Ducharme is a piano technician who resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has a great passion for pianos. He was born and raised here in Louisiana and became interested in creating music during his teen years. During his senior year in high school he started studying piano technology, while he reconditioned and refinished his old Wellington upright piano from 1914. What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion and has now become his service to the community. 


Over 20 years later, Justin remains committed to raising the bar for what piano technicians have to offer local pianists and Louisiana residents alike.  He continues to make his primary goal a never ending improvement for those seeking to understand the joys of exploring the world of music through their own magical box, "the piano forte".

Ashley Ducharme Piano Technician Baton Rouge, LA

Ashley Ducharme is co-owner of Ducharme's Piano Service and an important part of their recipe for a great Louisiana service. She finds great joy in knowing that she is bringing a much needed service to the homes, schools, and churches of Louisiana. During a service call you may see her answering the phone, fixing sticky notes, shaping hammers, regulating actions, cleaning the piano, locating a buzz, or even splicing a broken bass string.


With over 10 years of full time experience in the field of piano technology, Ashley has an attention for detail that brings a new level of professionalism to piano maintenance.  Along with Justin, she attended the 2014 National Piano Technicians Guild conference in Atlanta, GA  where she gained valuable knowledge from highly skilled technicians. She has also attended a PTG seminar in Dallas, TX (2017) and another PTG Convention in Austin, TX (2017). Since then, she has serviced over 1,000 pianos and her knowledge continues to expand daily. Ashley is also certified to professionally install Piano Life Saver Systems  into your piano.

When Justin and Ashley aren't busy transforming pianos, they enjoy spending time with their fur baby Bella, reading, hiking/camping in nature, gardening and creating music and art. Some of their favorite music genres are jazz, funk, ambient and Indian. 

Justin plays and owns a variety of musical instruments. He currently plays piano, keyboards, guitar, didgeridoo, tabla and other drums. Some of his favorite instruments in the studio are his Fender Rhodes 73, Hammond organ, Juno 6, Wurlitzer 200a, and tabla drums.

Why are we so passionate about servicing pianos? 
At Ducharme's Piano Service, we believe there is nothing more rewarding than bringing a pianist's love for their instrument back to lifeIn our humble opinion, pianos add joy, education, discipline, and artistic freedom to our local community. 
We love our job and our clients!


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